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make the technique of Kriya Yoga accessible to as many people as possible

spread the teachings of the authentic Kriya Yoga in Europe through books, newsletters, magazines and other publications, as well as with audio and video recordings, lecture tours, Kriya Yoga seminars and retreats

support the Kriya Yoga Centre Vienna (location: Tattendorf) as the Mother Centre of Europe with all its activities:
seminar organisation in Europe and worldwide / travel organization for our teachers from Europe, USA and India / acting as the base of the charitable activities of our sister organisation Hand in Hand and much more

keep the Centre running, i.e., a 5000m2 site with 3 buildings, which include 2 meditation halls, the office space and its infrastructure, and a garden

Deepest thanks and gratitude to all the donors of the past years. With their support, Paramahamsa Hariharananda’s life work could be continued.

“Opportunity should not be neglected, for it may never return !”
~ Paramahamsa Hariharananda ~